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  • COD (cash on delivery)
  • traditional bank transfer
  • PayU - transfer / payment or credit card
  • PayU - instalment plan

When choosing the payment option "bank transfer", please make the payment to the account:
Medica-Group Sp. z o.o.
ul. Mikołaja Reja 43/1
76-200 Słupsk

For domestic transfers:
PKO BP I/O SŁUPSK no.: 98 1020 4649 0000 7602 0189 4443

For foreign transfers:
PL72102046490000750201862077 SWIFT: BPKOPLPW

In the title of the payment, please provide order ID or your full name so that we can quickly and easily identify the payment.
After the funds are credited to our account, we will ship the parcel without additional fees.
You choose the payment method yourself when placing the order.

Buy online on instalment plan

When buying on instalment plan:
  • 0% commission for loan granting
  • you do not have to leave home, call a courier or sign contracts
  • you get preferential interest
  • cart value from PLN 300 to PLN 20,000
  • number of instalments: 3 to 36
  • decision even in several minutes
How does it work?
Select products
  • worth PLN 300-20,000
  • add them to cart
Select PayU instalment plan as the payment method
  • accept the transaction summary
  • proceed to loan application
Fill in the online application
  • wait for a response from the Credit Information Bureau
  • enter your income
  • confirm the online agreement
Confirm the data and buy on instalment plan!
  • for verification, pay PLN 1 to the account provided (the amount will be refunded)
  • after positive verification, we will be informed about the receipt of your payment and we will execute your order
And now you can just enjoy your new purchase!

Who can buy on instalment plan?
All natural persons with full legal capacity can buy on instalment plan.

What can be purchased on instalment plan?
You will pay in instalments for one or several items with a total value of PLN 300 to 20,000 (including shipping costs), purchased in one store and during one transaction. You cannot use PayU instalments if you want to pay for the purchased items on delivery.

When is PayU instalment plan unavailable?
You cannot pay with PayU instalment plan when:
  • the cart includes items with a total value not in the range from PLN 300 to 20,000, including the shipment
  • you chose the cash on delivery option

Who grants loans for purchases in the online store?
The entity granting the loan, referred to as PayU Instalment plan, is the loan partner - Alior Bank SA. The seller is not a party to the credit agreement you conclude when you buy on PayU instalment plan. The decision to grant a loan also depends on your history at the Credit Information Bureau. Alior Bank SA is responsible for checking the credit history at CIB.

What is PayU's role in granting the loan?
PayU is a technical operator that only provides the option of using a loan granted by a loan partner. The loan agreement is concluded between the borrower and Alior Bank SA.

How long does it take the loan partner to verify the loan application?
The entire purchase process on PayU Instalment plan takes several minutes. The exception are night hours and non-working days.

What happens if the buyer does not get a loan?
If you do not get a loan, the items will not be purchased. However, remember that you will be able to complete the transaction by selecting a different payment method.

I received a loan, but the items were not bought. Why?
During the verification of the loan application, one of the items added to the cart was purchased by another person or the offer ended. The seller will contact you to refund the transaction amount to your account. Remember that you can withdraw from the loan agreement within 14 days or use the funds for other purposes.

What can be the loan amount?
The minimum loan amount is PLN 300, and the maximum amount is PLN 20,000.

What is the number of instalments and the loan period?
You can choose any number of monthly instalments, ranging from 3 to 36. The loan period is from 3 months to 3 years.

What is the cost of the loan?
The commission for granting the loan is 0%. Interest rates may vary depending on the store you shop in. The interest rate is 13% - for loans with insurance and 16% - for loans without insurance. Representative example: loan amount: PLN 500, number of instalments: 18, face interest rate: 11%, life insurance premium: PLN 22.50, upfront fee: PLN 0, interest: PLN 44.80, APR: 18.43%. The final loan terms depend on the loan disbursement date and the date of payment of the first instalment. Terms of the offer: as of 22 May 2012.

What is the method of paying off the loan?
You will pay off the loan in equal instalments. Interest is collected on a monthly basis together with the loan instalment. The instalment amount, repayment date and account number can be found in the loan agreement. You will also receive the loan repayment schedule by mail.

Is loan insurance mandatory and how is it paid?
The insurance package that includes life insurance is voluntary. Insurance premium is charged in advance for the entire loan period. If you want to buy the insurance, you do not have to conclude any additional agreement, it is enough to select the option: loan with insurance on the loan application.

Can the loan be repaid early?
Yes, you can pay off the loan ahead of schedule. For this purpose, contact the lender. You will not pay interest for the period after paying off the loan.

What documents will be needed to fill in the loan application?
You will need your ID card, company details (name, address, telephone number) and the period of your employment. Also, prepare information about your net income.

Where can I get help with my purchase on instalment plan?
If you have a problem with buying on instalment plan, write to the following e-mail address: mailto:raty@payu.pl. If your question concerns a loan application (its unavailability, status, etc.), please call Alior Raty at (+48) 12 370 70 83 or 12 370 71 10 or 801 11 55 99.
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